StrikeFour (Strategy, Puzzle)

free, android 2.0.1+ | english, german

StrikeFour is a free turn based puzzle game similar to ConnectFour, Four in a Line or Four Up.

Click to select a column, click again to drop your chip.
The first player who connects at least four chips vertically, horizontally or diagonal wins.

This version features:

  • Smooth OpenGL rendered graphics
  • Strong AI player from easy to insane (highend device recommended for insane)
  • Bluetooth multiplayer mode to challenge your friends
  • Online multiplayer mode to play against randomly chosen opponents
  • ELO rating in online mode
  • OpenFeint integration with many unique achievements to unlock
  • 7x7 field instead of 7x6 thus eliminating the "first player wins" condition
  • Game can be minimized during play - sending you a notification when it's your turn again

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Ingame Screenshots

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