StabilityTest (System Tool)

free, android 1.5+, ARM SoC | english

StabilityTest is an android application that performs mathematical calculations ("prime number crunching") in native code via JNI and triple-checks the results against different equivalent java implementations.

It automatically stops and shows an alert if an error occurs.

Sometimes unstable devices reboot before the application level detects instabilities.

In this case restart the app and it will show you some stats from the device right before the reboot happened.

Significant errors usually show up within the first 15 minutes of testing but others might take several hours.

This tool is both useful for checking unstable stock devices for possible hardware malfunctions and stress testing overclocked android handsets to see how they perform under heavy load.

Requirements are android 1.5 or later and an ARM based SoC, so some android tablets and the android-x86 port are unsupported.

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Get it from Market

You can download StabilityTest on Android Market. Simply scan the QR-Code below with your phone: