Kollision (Action, Arcade)

free, android 1.6+ | english

Kollision is a simple, fast paced action game set in space. It's free of charge and can be downloaded on the android market.
You are captain of an old discharged debris hauler ship. It's now used as a light freighter, transporting hazardous debris from "Sea of Tranquility City" on the moon towards the sun.

Unfortunately the auto pilot fails and suddenly your ship is threatened by asteroids. Your only chance is to dodge them by using the manual emergency controls - your touchscreen.

Survive as long as possible and score in the online ranking. Your current rank is displayed live in the lower right corner while you play.

This game requires android 1.6 and runs on devices with any resolution. However, it looks best at 320x480.

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You can download Kollision on Android Market. Simply scan the QR-Code below with your phone: